Our location has a lot to offer if you want to visit stunning sights and places of worship, practice sport and learn from the local traditions.
It includes – but is not limited to:

With its five ocean-side holes, three cliff-to-cliff tee shots, some facing the stunning Tanah Lot hindu temple and eight holes sculpted into the terrace rice fields, the Nirwana Bali Golf course is truly awe-inspiring. Whether you are a casual golfer or a seasoned player, this diverse course will never cease to surprise you.

It’s just minutes away from Agung Village, and we are ready to help for registration, reservation and transport.

Bali is a land of legend for surfing. The west part of the island is a jewel for the waves of the Indian Ocean. Beginners and confirmed surfers can surf the waves nearby Agung Village at the Tanah Lot temple or the mighty Kedungu Beach which is just 5 minutes distance.
Berawa, Echo Beach, Canggu, Pererenan and Cemaggi are all reachable in 15 to 20 minutes.

We can help you rent a board and a motorbike equipped with surf holder.

Tanah Lot temple
From Agung Village, all guests must have a look at the magnificent Tanah Lot temple. Guardian of the west gate of Bali, this hindu temple is a jewel in the Island of the Gods that you can reach early in the morning, when the sun is drawing shadows on the cliffs or the “merus” on the temple rock. No one to disturb you till 9 am, just the sound of the Indian Ocean waves…
During afternoon, it’s another set of colors and dimension when the sun set at the top of the temple roof, the pilgrims praying and the travelers looking and feeling the beauty.

You will be back to the homestay in minutes by bicycle, motorbike or just on foot.

Walking tours
Agung Village is surrounded by beautiful rice fields and it is a must early in the morning or during sunset to walk from the property to the Tanah Lot temple uniquely through the rice fields. This is truly fantastic as you will only see local traditional farmers there.

Half an hour walk to the temple are the west side cliffs with impressive views. You can easily reach Kedungu Beach on foot (just a few foreigners know that place, except surfers). The beautiful 800 m black sand beach is a great spot to swim at low tide and have refreshment at the small “warungs”.

Bicycle tours
At Agung Village, we cycle too! Options include a 3 hours morning ride to Tanah Lot temple, going through the rice fields using little paths, Kedungu Beach and the very special Pejaten village where locals still make tiles and bricks in the traditional way.

Easy for all. Agung Village provides bicycles, and you are accompanied by our friendly staff.

Offerings “canangs”
We, Balinese people, believe in “karma” – the daily acts a human do – so it is important that Balinese people offer “canangs” to the gods daily in the morning, and in the same time to the ones who live under our feets. Yin-Yang, duality of the good and bad elements…

With Agung the owner of Agung Village and Puri Ayu, our guests can learn how to make offerings for daily ceremony.

Barong Dance
It is a must to experience Balinese traditional dances such as the “Barong Dance” which literally means the duality of the positive and negative forces and elements in the Hindu way of life. We call it “karma”: the good and bad acts of a human being in this world.

A local group from Dukuh village has been entertaining guests for years with gamelan music and dancers.

Almost every day at Beraban village, minutes away from Agung Village, you can see cockfighting, from 9 am to 11 am. This is a very old tradition in Balinese Hinduism.

Tours in the Indonesian Archipelago, and beyond…
Thierry, the owner of Puri Agung Bali, is well known in Indonesia for having organized adventure trips in the archipelago and beyond the borders since the 70s, and film organization since the 90s. He can help organize a range of adventure trips such as:

  • Papua: a must with the Una tribe in the Jayawijaya mountains or the Korowai tree house people in the lowlands
  • Expeditions in Borneo and Sumatra, discovering the flowermen of Siberut Island and great surf spots in the South
  • Volcanology on famous volcanoes: Krakatau, Merapi, Ijen…
  • Tours in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent: Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal…

For more information, you can contact Thierry here.